1. Cannonball
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Fro "The Humble Beginnings" EP (2013)


Cannon Ball

Everyday the song we sung, everyone now a tattered son
Eyes black I'm short on breath, lost hope and I'm warn to death
carry on the dear old message, walk away from love invested
get help we all screamed, as we run from this broken dream

Ramparts have all been busted, shrapnel of the love we trusted
Let fear dictate your truth, a poison of a hundred proof
Gulp it down how sweet the sound, a solum oat has hit the ground
Shinny eyes are growing pale, thought this love too big to fail

We don't write we don't call, unless delivered with a cannonball
though the storms be in our lives, we set sail today to catch this lie

Talk this way cause its how i'm feeling, climbing out of this shattered celling
We can love but when its tested, give up all hope invested
Bitterness how weak your fruit, to make wine with the lies of youth
We can live without counting the cost, until we suffer loss

Every lie we dream, too our friends we scream, taring down the love we hoped in
Plant the joyful seed, pull up the bitter weed, a dab of faith can move a mountain
What's been lost won't be forgotten