---- Have us write and produce a song for you ----

Get a song created for you by 6'10!!!!

     IF you enjoy the music of 6'10, here is your opportunity to have us write a song for you and record it. We have been writing custom songs for many years now, and we have always enjoyed the process of taking people's stories and incapsulating them in a beautifully crafted song. We enjoy the process so much, that we decided to make this a regular offer on our website. 

  Now you can inquire with us to write a song that we will professionally work with you to hone, craft, and then we will record it. Here are some situations where a song might be a great gift idea for a loved one or friend.

     1. Birthday Present 

     2. Wedding gift for your spouse to be

     3. Retirement

     4. Memorial tune

     5. Valentines Day Gift

     6. Christmas Gift

      7. Anniversaries

   We are also open to writing theme songs for your business, event or brand.

Click on the picture above to inquire about your very own custom song. We would be glad to set up a fee consultation with you. Can't wait to hear from you.