1. Peach Farmer
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Peach Farmer

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From "The Humble Beginnings" EP (2013)


The Peach Farmer

I'll tell you my story, so please don't ignore me
I'm a small town poet, who couldn't write a thing
So i'll sing you my stories, down by the morning glories
On the corner of hustle and bustle, I'm the man that time has lost

Well I've got Georgia peaches, peaches for you
I'm a smiling preacher, that's what I do son
with a glance I'll take you, to another time
where a smile and a handshake is the daily grind
A smile and a handshake is my daily grind

A warn out face that the sun has warn
duct tape overalls all tattered and torn
they speak of hardships that i've been through
But a smile and a handshake is my gift to you
so walk with me as I sell my wares,
I'll show you a life without your cares
Just a crate of old peaches in Jars
down by hustle and bustle blvd