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Seeing light

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from "The Humble Beginnings" EP (2013)


Seeing Light

Some men are golden, others are broken
Until I saw daylight, I couldn't see
In all my anger, I've been a stranger
Bound in the darkness I couldn't see

So blinded my vision, I could be wishing
For something deeper I couldn't see
The clouds they parted my life restarted
Im free at last son no holds on me.

Hey ya oh
I saw the light

So dead and broken, your name was spoken
The flowers blooming, despite of me
Now I see clearer, and in that mirror
Now stands a blind man who's soul is free

Now listen here friend, and listen close man
A life has changed son, so rich and free
here's my story, and please don't bore me
And try to tell me, what you think I've seen