1. Someday Hun
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Someday Hun

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Original Recording from The Humble Beginnings EP (2013)


Someday Hun

Packed my bags and I'm heading westward
To Johnny Rioux's and then take a right
Johnny Cash playing on my Stereo, no place that we won't go
gotta play that show tonight

I'll be home someday Hun
I'll be home someday Hun
Keep that boiling teapot on
Our love has just begun
I'll be home someday hun

Got a happy song to sing, but I still miss you
Every state that we drive through, your always on my mind
Got the Jacks playing on my stereo
no place that we won't go
Billy Bones always gets it right

Well I'm tired of waiting here she said
for all these months
Haven't felt the roads equal, no not once
so I've packed my bags and Im off to mothers
O I took the Dog,
You can have your brothers

You'll be home someday Hun
You'll be home someday hun
All you'll have is an empty room
and a Picture of a smiling groom
you'll be home but I'll be gone