1. The Road

From the recording Carried in Retrospect

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The Road

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Everyday lives of people changing, Full sails toward damnation now
Dehumanize before they say a word
offense is my newest past time, stand up for the newest tweet line
Kill your brother with the written word
Its all about me and my latest struggle, Ill cut you down and save you the trouble now
I got the corner on this thinking game
The louder I speak the more you stutter, don’t question the words I utter now
I’m a def man with a lot of things to say
I say hey! I’ll see you on down the road

Culturally blind but see things my way, Doesn’t matter if you got something to say
Why do fools always get the megaphones
I’ll die tonight for my own sin, So now drink the poison in
Can you please leave my well enough alone.