1. Protest
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From the The Humble Beginnings EP (2013)



I have walked this strange old highway
Saw the treetops of northern spain
marched in line to tell it my way
we all looked the same

Our ideas how sweet those sound waves
ringing out yelling peace through hate
spread the word through the highways and byways
I never spoke your name

Every heartbeat that skipped as we forward that message
every battle won through this cyber space
always speaks to the fears of the man with no ears
as we slowly trample your name

A different time yet the same old story
different people that won't be heard
chasing fantoms and visions of glory
war through audible word

High, low, we scream at our own echo
say we'll die for this argument
todays the day we change our old ways
tomorrow is a different rant

I have walked this dear old highway
listened more and through it change
held my tough and I heard it their way
through grace and love I've changed

Now I walk a different story
all these eyes staring right through me
will I rise to visions of glory
Or shrug right back to the sea